LOCSS Expands in Canada!

A LOCSS Gauge in Walter Lake, Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada
The LOCSS team recently spent several days installing gauges in lakes in Alberta.

Earlier this month, LOCSS team members spend several days in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While there, the team worked with the local partners to install gauges in 10 new lakes in the area, bringing our total to 11 study lakes in Alberta.

All of the study lakes are naturally formed lakes of different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. The 11 lakes are mostly clustered just east of the city of Edmonton, but two are located north of the city. All 11 study lakes are within 100 miles of each other. By having this many lakes clustered in a small area, it will help us determine whether local factors or regional factors are more important in the volume changes we will observe in the lakes.

Many thanks go out to the Alberta Lakes Management Society who has been working with our team for more than a year and a half to organize this effort. And we couldn't have done it without local partners at each lake, including Alberta Parks, Elk Island National Park, and the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. We are excited to be working with such great people to learn more about the lakes in Alberta.


We share stories about the lakes in our study, our partners and volunteer citizen scientists, as well as interesting results from our research.

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