New Lakes In North Carolina

Frog Pond in the Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve
LOCSS Has Partnered With the Triangle Land Conservancy To Study Four Lakes in Central North Carolina

In early November, LOCSS team members worked with staff from the Triangle Land Conservancy to begin studying lakes in two of the Conservancy's nature preserves. These new study lakes can be found in the George and Julia Brumley Family Nature Preserve in Orange County, and the Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve in Wake and Johnston Counties. The study lakes are located on popular hiking trails, and many new citizen scientists have participated by submitting lake height measurements. In fact, in the first month that lake gauges have been in these lakes, we have received about 130 measurements for the lakes.

We are grateful to the Triangle Land Conservancy for working with us, and to the hikers and citizen scientists who have engaged with LOCSS. We are looking forward to learning more about these lakes as our project progresses.

All of the lake height data can be found on each lake's page:

Brumley Preserve North Pond
Brumley Preserve South Pond

Frog Pond in the Williamson Preserve

Rock Pond in the Williamson Preserve


We share stories about the lakes in our study, our partners and volunteer citizen scientists, as well as interesting results from our research.

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