35,000 Lake Height Measurements!

Local Partners at Nilsagor haor, Bangladesh
The LOCSS project recently hit another milestone!

The LOCSS project recently received our 35,000th measurement! Since the project began in 2017, we have seen an incredible amount of growth in our project. We received our 10,000th measurement in March 2021, just over 4 years after the project began. We reached the 20,000 measurement milestone about 7 months later, in October 2021. And now, just 4 months later, we have 35,000 lake height measurements that have been reported.

We owe a lot of the growth of the project over the last year to our partners at the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). In May, 2021, they worked with partners around the country to install gauges in 50 new seasonal lakes, called haors. Since the installation, we have received an incredible amount of measurements. Just from September through December of 2021, we received more than 10,500 lake height measurements from haors in Bangladesh, averaging more than 1.5 measurements per lake per day during that time.

We are very fortunate to work with local partners like BWDB and others around the globe, as well as the 4,900 citizen scientists who have reported lake height measurements. It is a joy working with all of these people, and this milestone is a testament to their effort and wonderful work.


We share stories about the lakes in our study, our partners and volunteer citizen scientists, as well as interesting results from our research.

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