SWOT Validation

From April-June 2023, LOCSS Citizen Scientists Can Help Test The Validity of a New NASA Satellite!

In December 2022, NASA launched the Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite (SWOT). This satellite will be the first global survey of the earth’s surface water from space.

Eventually, the satellite will be able to survey nearly all of the earth's surface water every 21 days. In an early stage of the mission, however, SWOT will only survey a small portion of the earth, but it will survey that portion daily. This "validation period" will run from April 1 through June 30, 2023. During this time the satellite will be making daily measurements of both the lake height and surface area of many of our study lakes.

LOCSS citizen scientists can help NASA determine how accurate SWOT measurements are by submitting lake height measurements during this validation period. If you are near any of the lakes below, we ask that you submit measurements as many times as possible from April 1 to June 30, 2023.

If you do not see your lake listed below, then it is not within the SWOT 1-day orbit, but you can still submit measurements that can be combined with other satellite data on specific target dates.


Bell Pond - BPA2
Farm Pond - FMA2

New Hampshire
All LOCSS Study Lakes

New York
Lake Moraine - MRK2
Panther Lake - NAK2

Beaver Lake - BEW2

Clear Lake - CRW2

Coldwater Lake - CLW2
Deep Lake, King County - DEW2
Dog Lake - DGW2

Echo Lake - ECW2

Fish Lake - FSW2

Flowing Lake - THW2

Lake Bosworth - BWW2

Lake Cassidy - CAW2

Lake Lawrence - LAW2

Lake Lawrence North - XAW2

Lake Lawrence South - TCW2

Lake Roesiger - RSW2

Lake Sammamish - SAW2

Lake Washington - WAW2

Lake Wenatchee - WEW2

Leech Lake - LEW2

North Lake - TWW2

Phantom Lake - PHW2

Steel Lake - STW2

Walupt Lake - BGW2

Étang de Fontargente 1 - AFR2
Étang de Fontargente 2 - BFR2

Étang de l'Estagnol - CFR2

Lac Majeur - RFR2

Lac Mort - TFR2

Petit Étang de l'Estagnol - DFR2

All LOCSS Study Lakes

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